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7-day Minimalism Challenge

Dernière mise à jour : 5 juil. 2020

Do you want to change your consumption habits? Are you sick to consume things that you find out later aren't that useful? Well, let me introduce you to the Minimalism.

The Minimalism lifestyle is the fact to be satisfied by the essential and get rid of the superficial thing. Do you remember this dress that you bought 3 years ago and you are still waiting to wear it? Well, this challenge is the opportunity for you to get rid of it. :D

We are going to start with baby steps because it's how it works best. I really want that at the end of this challenge you will tell me 'Waou, that wasn't that difficult'. I can guarantee you that after this challenge you will feel more free, proud of yourself and you will want to do it more often. :)

So let's take a look at this 7 day Minimalism Challenge :

1 - Donate/Sell two clothes/objects

Find these clothes/objects that isn't necessary and that stay too long in your home. If you find more than one, BINGO! Time to get rid of this unnecessary things. Nowadays, you have a lot of ways to donate or sell your clothes/objects. Think about charity, family, friends...

2- Empty the content of your handbag

If like me you tend to put a lot of stuff in your handbag until your handbag looks like the one of Mary Poppins. When we do that we don't really realize it. Until this point where finding our keys in your handbag take 10 minutes. Today is the day to free your handbag of space! FREEEDOOOOMMMM. You will see that you will find your key in 2sec pronto after.

3 - Write your best qualities

Today we are going to flatter our ego and give self-love to ourselves. It's really important. ;)

Nobody is perfect and in this changing process, it's really important to know that. Take 5 minutes to write down your favorite quality. :)

4 - Don't spend money for 24h

This excludes transport for your work if you have to. If not, today is a 0 spending day. Make sure you organize yourself yesterday to not spend money on food for lunch or whatever. At the end of the day please give yourself a high five in the mirror.

5 - Go out without your phone

At the beginning, you will feel something is missing but at the end, you will realize that you didn't really need it and that you will feel freer.

6 - Donate/Sell old books

Donate books you will never read again. Keep your favorites, but donate those which you have been planning to read but probably never will.

7 - Evaluate your last five purchases

This glittery lipstick? This funky canva that doesn't fit? This funny socks? Well, try to see if your last five purchases were necessary.

Good luck to all of you that are going to make this challenge! And please please, tell me if it was difficult for you or not. I really want your feedback and I really hope you succeed some days or all the days of this Minimalism Challenge.

Sending you a lot of love, and if you want to share with me your week, please tag me on Instagram, so I can see it :

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